My Friend Comes From Manchester' is a video of Nat Clare and Paul Blackburn performing the poem on the notorious TV programme "The Word" on Channel 4 - which is a national television station in the UK.


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The man with a head
 Like a Faberge egg
Came calling on me today
His manner was sweet
His stature petite
And he really did dress rather gay

    Something is different
Something has changed
Something is not as before
The insects have made their own alcohol
And are falling about on the floor


There's a hypnotist at large
Staring wildly with pointed fingers
At anyone who'll look at him.




about writing

something humorous

It's for you I'm doing this

You so obviously encourage it

You want me to make you smile

grin widely, chuckle,

giggle, laugh

belly laugh, loud and raucous,

guffaw uproariously