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A group of young people hanging out at the Parish Church Graveyard, Bolton


The group consensus is that the picture was taken in summer 1971 by Henry Heap. At the back is Pete Dunleavy and Julia

Middle row: Mick Openshaw, Paul Blackburn, Johnny Kirman, John Hayes

Front row (kind of): Brenda Clitheroe who ran off to the circus (see below), Lesley Hayes (with Rebecca), Hillary Robinson (with a baby Emma), Les Smith and Dot.

Brenda says, "I got the job through the Bernard Wooly agency. They told me it was a with a travelling circus with snakes, but it turned out to be a job in a travelling fair. I sat in a pen in a bikini with plastic flower, palm trees, and two real, 5 foot long crocodiles. 'Big Ear' and 'Onion' were their names. The fair started off in London before travelling up the country. My friend Cath and I got bored and left after 6 weeks. Cath was Frankenstein's Bride, she lay in a coffin wearing a white-lace cat-suit and veil, as a mechanical Frankenstein kept popping up behind her."